American High School

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Online Education is on the Rise! People are loving Online Education

American High School is one of the most affordable schools online. As the rise in educating students from their home increases, American High School will be their to assist them every step of the way. We are continuing to stretch the boundaries of Online Education by introducing new and exciting Electives and Core Curriculum for our families and students all over the world.

Online Education is not going to stop and in fact will probably be the new shift in education with the demise of the traditional classroom. With all of the bullying and guns being brought into the traditional schools, are students are no longer safe. They go to school in fear. They are having symptoms of PTSD because they are going to High School or Middle School. That is simply unheard of and things are changing and will continue to change in the very near future. I expect by 2030 all students will be attending school from the safety of their homes, as technology continues to improve and current and updated curriculum is made available online.