Dual Diploma Program

The American High School Dual Diploma programme  allows  students  to obtain two different high school diplomas by carrying out studies simultaneously at two schools: one in the country where they reside through presential studies, and the other, American studies, by following a virtual academic course. This permits students to obtain the US high school diploma which has identical value to one awarded at a presential course in the USA.

American High School is a fully accredited virtual high school in the USA which brings together students who cannot perform presential studies for different reasons. They may be students whose parents need geographic mobility, students who are athletes and need to compete regularly, students whose parents (or themselves) are famous, students with reduced mobility, among others.

The school has more than 2500 students and now, thanks to American High School Europe, it is also open to students worldwide.Our main objective at American High School Europe is to prepare future university students for today’s world. Therefore, we have created this programme both for educational enrichment and as a differentiation tool which can aid university access not only in the USA, but all over the world.

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E-learning Program

American High School offers an innovative e-learning programme which, by employing new technologies in education, allows students to obtain their US High School Diploma from their home or educational centre. Therefore, the student will be able to interact at any moment, anywhere and on any electronic device (PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, …) in a safe, English, international learning environment, making possible what would be unthinkable some years ago.

With a program of studies where educative innovation is mixed with the use of new technologies, determination and supervision, a superior preparation is guaranteed to all students who wish to study university courses in their own country, USA or any other corner of the world.

Subjects included in Program

The American High School Dual Diploma Programme allows the validation of up to 17 out of the 24 credits needed to obtain a US High School Diploma in the state of Florida (depending on the country where the student is studying). This means, the completed credits obtained in the student’s country will be awarded to the student so that they only need to complete 7 extra credits at American High School, corresponding to 8 compulsory subjects.

  • English & Literature 9

    (1 credit)

  • English & Literature 10

    (1 credit)

  • English & Literature 11

    (1 credit)

  • English & Literature 12

    (1 credit)

  • American History

    (1 credit)

  • World History

    (1 credit)

  • American Economy

    (0.5 credit)

  • American Politics and Government

    (0.5 credit)

Advantages For Students

  • Command on new Technologies

    The American High School Diploma Dual program helps students to develop technological skills. A greater interest level and motivation, better learning autonomy, an interdisciplinary nature, digital and audio-visual literacy, development of information  search  and  selection  skills.

  • Improvement of English Level

    The Dual Diploma program promotes English learning. All subjects are taught in this language and interactions between teachers and international students are established in English. This creates an extremely positive immersion environment to improve communicative skills, and increases motivation and confidence when using the language.

  • Reward For Determination

    The learning of different materials and subjects which would not normally be accessible to students, together with a large capacity for work and a high English level, provides students with a wide range of academic possibilities. A high school student wishing to attend an American university will have advantages, when submitting their application, over students who have not shown this command of English and other academic achievements.

  • Cultural Exchange

    The American High School Dual Diploma also tests the ability of students to work in different cultural environments. This cultural exchange begins the very first moment that students begin their course, write reports and communicate with their native teachers in English.

  • AHS Lounge-Social Club

    American High School offers students the chance to participate in AHS Lounge, a social platform which, among other things, allows students to communicate with other  students from all over the world. It offers students the possibility to join student clubs and groups in which the students will be in contact with other participants from the same club with similar likes and interests (journalism, cookery, photography, music, gaming, getting ready for college…) in a safe environment which is exclusively for American High School students and its teachers.

Ready to Enroll Program

Join AHS Dual Diploma Program and obtain the Certified US high School diploma from American High School at the same time as obtaining the national high school certificate.