American High School listed in Top 30 Online High Schools in 2019

Online high schools are a great alternative for students and families who want more flexibility, customization and self-directed education. From teens to adults wishing to complete their high school graduation requirements, high quality online high schools are increasingly available with many extra benefits not found in a traditional brick and mortar option.  For example, students are able to go on vacation with their families without missing a beat. And unlike traditional high schools, students can make sure to get adequate sleep each night, rather than rushing around in the morning. Students can also be more selective about their social life, maximizing positive interactions and minimizing the negative. And perhaps most importantly, customized online learning eliminates situations where the student is frustrated by the pace of learning. Finding an online high school that is dedicated to the advancement of your particular child’s education can be priceless.

Students learning online

For the adult learner, earning a diploma versus getting your GED can be far more rewarding.  You may not be aware of this, but those who graduate with a diploma make quite a bit more per year than those that hold a GED. With the responsibilities and time constraints adults have in their lives, an online option can be very appealing, satisfying, and affordable.

The following online high schools were chosen based on their exemplary successes in providing a high quality, easy to use educational platform for everyone choosing to continue their high school studies via the online route. Most of the schools listed below allow transferred in credits from other schools but have a minimum amount of credits required from their school in order to graduate. In addition, many of them offer multi-child, pay-in-full upfront, and military discounts.

By allowing students to start most any day of the year, there is no reason to not start YOUR journey and get that diploma!